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What's a ContentDJ

ContentDJ [kon-tent-d-j]: noun. a content curator that mixes and publishes content like an awesome DJ does with songs.

ContentDJ at a glance

ContentDJ is the fastest and simplest way to do content curation. It helps you identify quality content and publish to social media sites.

We feature a social media editorial calendar that works seamlessly with social media sites.

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ContentDJ Blog

"If you want well-curated content at your fingertips, ContentDJ is the tool you need."
Social Media Today

"ContentDJ is very useful for finding interesting content to share on Twitter and Facebook. It ranks tweets in any niche (searchable using hashtags and/or keywords) through an algorithm based on what was shared the most."
Search Engine Journal

"ContentDJ is the HootSuite for content curators. It fights information overload and lets you curate and publish awesome content on social media sites.."

"ContentDJ offers agencies and brands the ability to dynamically scan the web during the writing/publishing process to ensure that content is optimized, leverages trending topics, and can be easily found through social networks."
Content Marketing Institute

"ContentDJ can grow an online presence, and has automated the process of identifying and sharing trending content to be more engaging with a potential audience of customers."
Beta Kit

"ContentDJ helps you identify and share quality content to engage with your online community."
The Next Web

"ContentDJ is a social media content curation tool that provides one-stop shop for content sharing and scheduling needs."
The Globe and Mail

"ContentDJ has an excellent user interface, making it easy and intuitive to set up and configure your account in minutes."
Master New Media

"An alternative to the time-consuming rabbit hole that is sourcing shareworthy content (RSS feeds, Twitter lists, Google searches... you know the drill)."
Lonely Brand

"Instead of searching for articles based on your favourite blogs, ContentDJ allows you to discover articles you're interested in by searching for topics...
You don’t need to create a landing page to capture someone’s email – you can do it with every piece of content you share using ContentDJ."

"Content DJ provides a social media editorial calendar that offers drag and drop scheduling, long-term views of posts and approvals, as well as interactions with the main social media platforms."
The Chartered Institue of Marketing

"[ContentDJ is an] awesome tool (which I can no longer live without) that helps you find high quality content around the web and allows you to publish or schedule the posts on your social media profiles and even on your WordPress site."
Social Media Marketing Girl


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