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Grow your online community with less effort!

You business needs online community to succeed. ContentDJ helps you get exposure in front of your target customers through quality content.

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  • So let’s say you’re a smallbiz
  • And you crave killer Content
  • To build an online community for your site

With ContentDJ you can

Add hashtags

Give us a hashtag or a RSS feed, and we will find quality content for you, while you sleep!

No more searching. Great content comes your way. It's really that simple.

Add keywords

Curate content

We help you identify the most shareable content using ContentDJ Score.

Our proprietary algorithm helps you sort content based on freshness and quality.

Easily identify the most shareable content. Reduce information overload.

curate content with ContentDJ

Editorial Calendar

The only editorial calendar built for the social media age!

Fill up your Social Media Editorial Calendar with awesome content. We will do the rest.

We figure out the best time to publish to create maximum impact. We also keep track of content engagement so you can gather insights.

Now, you can even schedule your Wordpress posts.

Social Media Editorial Calendar | ContentDJ

In-depth Stats Tracking

Keep track of your followers count, clicks count, favorites count, retweets count and mentions count. Daily, weekly and monthly.

Engagement metrics you can rely on for your social media success.

ContentDJ Stats Tracking

Track Social Metrics

New Track the performance of your social posts over time.

For each post, track metrics like reaches, retweets, favorites, clicks and more.

Track social media metrics

Hashtags Insight

Content generates engagements online. But what kind of content do your followers like?

Break down engagements you generated as a percentage of the hashtags you used.

Capture leads and gain insights on your followers.

ContentDJ Hashtag Insight

Content Landing Page

Tweets get lost in your Twitter stream? Keep them in your ContentDJ Playlist. It's like a social media landing page for your brand.

Drive traffic. Gain followers.

See a demo

ContentDJ Playlist
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ContentDJ Testimonial - Lonely Brand

An alternative to the time-consuming rabbit hole that is sourcing shareworthy content (RSS feeds, Twitter lists, Google searches... you know the drill).

Katherine L.
Lonely Brand
ContentDJ Testimonial - Master New Media

ContentDJ has an excellent user interface, making it easy and intuitive to set up and configure your account in minutes.

Robin Good
Master New Media
ContentDJ Testimonial - Traci C

ContentDJ has helped me establish a streamlined method for managing our social media team and content.

Traci C.
Director of Internet Marketing, ASEC Interactive
ContentDJ Testimonial - Cleantech Open

Really love the content curation piece and the team involved is really great for customer service about little bugs... the killer curation feature and the Playlist integration with Mailchimp are worth the price of admission alone.

Ingrid H.
Communications and Events Manager Cleantech Open
ContentDJ Testimonial - Tucker & Bloom

These guys make it easy to manage content and publish to social media in a way that saves us so much time its remarkable! A+

Case B.
Co-Owner, Tucker & Bloom
ContentDJ Testimonial - Scott A Dennison

Using just ContentDJ, I'm able to eliminate four tools and the complexity that went along with it and share more high value content with my audience easier and faster. Thanks Jerry and the Content DJ team!

Scott A Dennison, The Marketing Geek
ContentDJ Testimonial - TripCommon

ContentDJ has saved our startup countless hours of work by delivering interesting, effective content to share with our followers.

Gill M.
ContentDJ Testimonial - Aishah Coleman

ContentDJ has helped me cut down on my social media marketing by doing the work for me. I have more time to focus on my business. This program is great because it does all the research for you. It provides you with valuable content that you can post to you social media accounts. I love this program!

Aishah C., AC Design & Development Corp.
ContentDJ Testimonial - VoltageCRM

ContentDJ offers the best value for growing my twitter following.

Collin S.
CEO, VoltageCRM
ContentDJ Testimonial - Social Media Marketing Girl

"ContentDJ is an awesome tool, which I can no longer live without!

Karen May D.
Virtual Assistant and the Founder of, Social Media Marketing Girl
ContentDJ Testimonial - marketerproductreviews

ContentDJ has made my life easier. In 14 days I received triple digit percentage increases in my Twitter followers, FanPage likes and pages read. I am also getting steady subscribers to my Newsletter. Content is king and Content DJ makes it very easy to create and follow a winning strategy. Thanks CDJ!!!

Bruce F.
Founder of,
ContentDJ Testimonial - Julien Jacques

Loving ContentDJ. It's helped me save 4 hours a week in my workflow.

Julien J, Key Marketing

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